Market Conditions Commentary (Archive 2013-November)
With nearly 40 years in the wholesale automobile business, our founder Robert Hollenshead offers his insights on the market and where it is going -- info to help your business succeed!
by Robert Hollenshead
11/30/2013 3:50:45 PM

MADE  stands for many things among which is the mathematical equation that equals common sense.  Being from Philadelphia I always like to make reference to our founding Father B F since we are defining acronyms Benjamin Franklin who edited TP, Thomas Paine’s work that defined society and government has different and distinct functions/roles).   The conclusion as it turns out made common sense.  You stay in your swim lane and I will stay in mine, more or less.

MADE confronts a number of issues with the conclusion equaling that of BF and TP, i.e. common sense.  In the case of MADE it involves a longitudinal study of five decades.  A little overkill, I understand.  Some of those decades more intensely involved in hand to hand combat, pricing and selling a few million cars.   Other decades, in particular the current one, focused on the possible. 


by Robert Hollenshead
11/30/2013 11:02:57 AM

This is the first leg of what will be an auction anywhere two ways.  Anywhere in the US physically as we will be doing it from city to city, and anywhere via MADE/AWG Simulcast.  

We are working day and night to get the integration done and ready for the first event.  There are many details to be finished coordinating the different technologies we have brought together so you have a great experience.  The listing should be up over the weekend so you can dig in.

You will see the UCR/Pricing on Monday  2 December by going to I know that is too short  of time prior to the sale but get used to it.  Every time we have enough units to be a big enough magnet to attract enough eyeballs to have a critical mass sale, we’re pulling the trigger.  You will decide if you are coming in to the auction


by Robert Hollenshead
11/28/2013 3:22:14 PM

Rome was not built in a day

 And Rome  may never be

But December 4th will be clear for all to see

That no sane man can rightfully say

And all rational men would clearly agree

The time for MADE is now

And MADE was meant to be

Thank God I have the balls to price, buy, and sell car in the western hemisphere cause it is clear I ain’t no poet…and I absolutely know it

I love you all, chill out and get ready to rumble



by Robert Hollenshead
11/27/2013 9:37:40 AM

ThanksforGiving us your business over the past 41 years.  I truly appreciate it.

I am sure nobody will take the time to read this but I am writing this from my point of view as well as my heart, not trying to sound like a sentimental nut.

I am especially thankful for Freedom, Free Speech, and Free Enterprise.  These things are not unique the us in North America, but they are recognized as our unalienable God given rights and on this day I want to say thank you to our long forgotten predecessors that sacrificed to make it possible for us to pursue what they recognized as a driving force that motivates a human being, being able to pursue our dreams while maintaining dignity.  I  cherish the ideas of Freedom which to me is more important than food or air, Free speech,


by Robert Hollenshead
11/24/2013 12:32:35 PM

On 4 December, 2013 we are having a little simulcast sale, 250 units,  on AWG Simulcast Everywhere.   The cars are located at the Columbus Fair Auto Auction as they are the facilitating auction.  The cars are closer to a large group of our dealers that buy from us for decades, the fees are less than half of what you are paying now.  I am subsidizing the fee to help buyers understand we feel your pain and I am willing to mitigate the problem, I’ll pay. 

If you are an east coast buyer and need help with return transport, I will help you with the cost to make you see just how serious I am.  See our website mid-week for details  If you are a mid-west dealer, I have brought the merch to you.  If you are a west coast buyer and couldn’t afford the fee and the transport cost, this is your solution to be exposed to inventory that is not found