Market Conditions Commentary
May 7, from Nashville a simulcast sale. Our goal is to match our inventory to your needs, fast, transparent, in volume, without fear
by Robert Hollenshead
May 4 2015 9:21AM

 On May 7, this Thursday, we are holding a Simulcast Everywhere special event.  It is hosted by Manheim Nashville and Manheim Pa. It is the first of its kind and  we hope will be held on a regular basis.

 Wholesale Inc and R Hollenshead Auto are blending inventory to make our joint inventory available to all buyers, under the hammer, but a pure simulcast event.  The units are in Nashville and in Manheim, Pa.  All units will have an Insight Condition report that we, the seller’s,  guarantee.  I am subsidizing the cost of transport for buyers that bid from Nashville.  This mutes the concern of where the units are that you are bidding on. 

As always our goal is to sell everything that is presented.  If we are unable to sell because of any reason I will credit the last bidder $100 on any unit purchased moving forward.  This isn’t a trick or a game.  It is an absolute guarantee we are here to do business.  Our goal is to match our inventory to your needs, fast, transparent, in volume, and without fear. 

If we can make this work for the buyer, the facilitator (Manheim) and the seller (Wholesale Inc. and RHAS) we have opened a door to a new way of remarketing.  We have the inventory and the intestinal fortitude to do this.  We are sure that you have the need for the merch.  Let’s make this thing happen. 

Did in and Sell Well,

Chad Cunninghoam and Bob Hollenshead

3 Readers' Comments

James Mcdermott
NJ 07435
9 years ago
Stop relaxing in Florida and get your ass back on the block. We miss the BIG SHOW.

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
9 years ago
Love you, but if somebody thinks i ain't working harder (never smarter) than ever they got a brain fart upstairs.
And, I'll be there this week :))

Kay Smith
NY 11234
9 years ago
Hope the event was a massive success!