Market Conditions Commentary (Archive 2016-February)
With nearly 40 years in the wholesale automobile business, our founder Robert Hollenshead offers his insights on the market and where it is going -- info to help your business succeed!
by Robert Hollenshead
2/28/2016 2:26:11 PM

It sure feels good creating software that will help right a wrong, fill a void, leverage 44 years industry knowledge/experience and help the average working guy and gal.  Hot diggity dog.

I've been screaming about diminished value for decades. A hit on a history report, correct or not, creates an undeniable diminution in value that only a newly landed Martian would be silly enough to deny.   Twenty five years ago when vehicle history reports first started surfacing the average price of a new car was $30,000 or less.   Today it's double.  Who ever thought an Escalade would be sneaking up on $100,000.  A small insurance claim intrinsically creates a desirability issue that crushes the value. The proverbial  "shopping cart" accident can make that Escalade's ACV plummet. Who will bid and why they won't changes the “desirability index” dramatically and therefore the value simply is not the same...or