Market Conditions Commentary (Archive 2015-April)
With nearly 40 years in the wholesale automobile business, our founder Robert Hollenshead offers his insights on the market and where it is going -- info to help your business succeed!
by Robert Hollenshead
4/9/2015 4:47:49 PM

No braggadocios bull dung, simple unbelievable facts:

110 Audis/Porsches , 70 BMWs, 90 General Motors, 80 Honda /Acuras, 90 Fords/Lincolns, 50 Land Rovers/Jaguars, 100 Toyota/Lexus, 20 Subarus, 90 Nissan/Hyundai/Infinities, 100 Mercedes Benz and 20 exotics. 

We have more desirable merch in our three lanes, all trades, not reshuffled auction slugs, no rentals, trades, that are getting sold, than any 8 auctions combined in North America. 

  I prefer sitting on the edge of the razor blade to lounging in a down stuffed lazy-boy.  There ain’t nothing like the thunder of the auction lane that separates observation and theorization from ball shaking, stomach wrenching, reality of $20,000,000 on the block getting sold…not acting like they are getting sold…sold.  I own them all and they will be