Market Conditions Commentary
MADE and a lot more to come; first installment
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 24 2013 12:32PM

On 4 December, 2013 we are having a little simulcast sale, 250 units,  on AWG Simulcast Everywhere.   The cars are located at the Columbus Fair Auto Auction as they are the facilitating auction.  The cars are closer to a large group of our dealers that buy from us for decades, the fees are less than half of what you are paying now.  I am subsidizing the fee to help buyers understand we feel your pain and I am willing to mitigate the problem, I’ll pay. 

If you are an east coast buyer and need help with return transport, I will help you with the cost to make you see just how serious I am.  See our website mid-week for details  If you are a mid-west dealer, I have brought the merch to you.  If you are a west coast buyer and couldn’t afford the fee and the transport cost, this is your solution to be exposed to inventory that is not found anywhere else in No0rth America in one place at one time…that will be sold, no circle jerks. 

This will be a regular event here and at specified locations around the country throughout 2014.  If is “MADE Auction’s and Remarketing” debut.   Mobile Auto Dealer’s Exchange as well as Multi Auction Dealer Exchange.  The web site will be available this week so you can log in, register, familiarize yourself and view, proxy and bid on inventory that matches your needs.  The first sale is not a subscription based auction because I want all of you be get comfortable with the format, layout, critically massed inventory and the incredible product that AWG has for the technology MADE rides on. 

The MADE product set is driven by the “T’s”; Technology, Transparency, Trust, Time (savings),…and one big “F”, fees… the lack thereof.  It is a fact of life that we all are unable to sustain.  Critical mass arrangement is a key to the way we have run our remarketing for decades.  Group cars together so a buyer can see what is there and not spend all day waiting for a unit they want.  We paln on having specific Critical Mass auctions many times per week.  Each time we hit critical mass of a specific classification of cars we are sending out notifications to the 18,450 dealers that have said that they want to be notified of the sale. 

Technology: AWG Simulcast, Universal Condition Report/Live Market Pricing (and the tool used for post-sale mitigation, web based and available 24/7…no more circle jerk), Headstart Critical Mass Remarketing, BidNez proxy process to make you aware of who, how much when and where, MADE Remarketing profile application to match you to the merch, Vin Driven Pro, MADE Certified Swap (patent pending) which is a market first and will change the way we think about remarketing, and a Canadian pricing toll that will debut early first quarter 2014 (seems like boiling the ocean, but the potatoes are so hot the ocean is about ready to hard-boil an egg) .

Transparency:  We tell you things we don’t have to and nobody else would.  Condition, what equipment a unit DOESN'T' have when you expect it would i.e. no third seat, no nav, etc. so there is less chance of you missing something and having that “oh my God, I missed that” moment.  I don’t want you to get hammered.  If you get hammered you are less likely to come back.  I want all 70,000 potential customers to be comfortable that they are dealing with Professionals, in for the long haul, not to hit and run to make today fat, not our goal.  Universal Condition Report/Pricing expectations is web based and is built for a dealer, buyer and seller, with total transparency as the guide.  It is visual, like we are and in two seconds you have all the information a car buyer needs to dig in or pass.  We tell you when a unit has options…and when it doesn't.  We show the wire frame of the unit with all current and past issues.  We show the unit with a good…or caution on VHR.  We show pictures that can actually be used and zoomed on.  But as wild as it seems we show pricing that is relevant to the specific unit and the actual conditions of the unit, color, damage, previous damage, VHR, smell, needed recon and recon that might not need to be done but you would need to know to adjust your bid. 



Trust: The vast majority of you have bought or sold with us over the past 40 years.  If any of you have something to say that would scare off another dealer, tell us so we can write it in our blog, I have zero fear.

Time:  Critical mass guarantees you spend near no time wading through thousands of cars you have no interest in and zoom you ion on exactly what you want…and the get sold. 

As you will see from the first sale, 4 December, 2013, we will have each unit priced in a range that there can be no “no-sales”.  The Trade Price is a floor that anyone would buy the unit for, even if they don’t want or need it.  Typically it is a price that is hundreds if not thousands less than what we own it for.    The Market Ready price is a price that the unit should bring back on the block in any normal circumstances.  In most cases if there is a critical mass audience it will bring significantly more.  Why are we so silly as to expose these prices?  The S’s”; Super transparency, Speed, and being Serious about Selling.

See how easy it is to be a MADE Man, alot more to come.  Inventory view early in the week, get ready folks, this is not a head fake.

6 Readers' Comments

Mark Kreider
5 years ago
Frustration leads to innovation. You've been been working on this for awhile. I have no doubt your diligence is about to pay off. What I just read is the very definition of putting YOUR money where your mouth is!

Mike Elliott
NY 13903
5 years ago
Tried to check out It took me to a godaddy page saying it was not yet a web page. What is the web address? Curious to check out this new product/process.

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
5 years ago
It will be live Tuesday and everyday after that until I die. Just finishing up details that will shake our world.

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
5 years ago







Robert Taylor
PA 19053
5 years ago
Welcome to the future . . . Is this a prelude to you exiting the arena on Fridays ?

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
5 years ago
Robby,I sold my first car at Manheim in 1972. I've sold more cars that are owned by a seller at auction then any human being has ever sold anywhere, including Mr.Kelley and Galves or anybody else. The vast majority of those cars I sold in Manheim Pa. I'll never leave there. But this is the future. As long as the merch is in volume, arranged so buyers don't waste their time being Daniel Boone hunting in a mixed up wilderness, everybody can be trusted, and everything is getting sold, the old model is the Pony Express riding off into the sunset. I developed the technology that cuts all the dead wood out of the way we do it now and exaggerate what is great about our business. The buyer and the seller stand to gain dramatically. Less wasted time based on critical mass matching, total transparency, fees are near nothing as opposed to the majority of the gross transaction (which is unsustainable in current mode) and we can do it any time of the day and any day of the week, whenever we