Market Conditions Commentary (Archive 2014-February)
With nearly 40 years in the wholesale automobile business, our founder Robert Hollenshead offers his insights on the market and where it is going -- info to help your business succeed!
by Robert Hollenshead
2/27/2014 6:54:26 AM

Anybody hear the birds singing this morning?  There was a better than normal Spring wake up in the market this week even though it has been a month and a half late in coming.  It seems like Springtime demand is finally overcoming the crippling weather.  We had another 100% sold MADE sale with fantastic participation and reports that the Universal Condition Report is doing precisely what it was designed to do, facilitate the transparency needed to make buying and selling ignite.  Such a pity we are unable to use them in the 17545.  God it would make your lives so much enjoyable (and functional, and less stressful, and less random, with less need to interpret the meaning of an ever changing daily interpreter as it is currently a requirement to have a paint meter and a CR interpreter to navigate what means what, where, and who it means what for who etc.), you know what I am talking about if you have used them.


by Robert Hollenshead
2/16/2014 8:56:39 PM

First I want to thank everybody for a bang up MADE sale at CFAA and thank them for an amazing facilitation and thank all the dealers that participated in Friday's sale in mMaheim that was a Simulcast only sale which turned out to be a 88% auction in my lane.  Here goes some after-thought:

The same way technology changed communications forever, it  is changing the wholesale business and remarketing in general (in ways  that are good and bad).  It will never be the same.  The Pony Express disappeared due to the telegraph,  newspapers (and now cable) disappeared due to the internet and unfortunately, the days of auction lanes packed full of buyers competing with other buyers is over