Market Conditions Commentary
by Robert Hollenshead
May 6 2015 4:29PM

We for a finale to the week we have another 800 in the 17545, lanes 13,15,16 to top it off.  Jamb packed with 100% trade ins. No place else on earth can you find this depth of inventory…no place.   We paid up to get ‘em and now got to take the doe and let ‘em go.  You got a back to back double header on your hands.  Sourced by maniac gambler degenerate workaholics, kissing more butts than should be legal to pinch ‘em (just to make your job as easy as red hot razor sharp knife sliding through butter) and getting pure sold by an obese half Irish, pacemaker wearing, whacko, unable to say no-sale even when he’d pay more for the car he’s selling .   

 We got $20,000,000+ on the line in two days.  Makes your blood run don't it?  God I love this game.