Market Conditions Commentary
With nearly 40 years in the wholesale automobile business, our founder Robert Hollenshead offers his insights on the market and where it is going -- info to help your business succeed!
by Robert Hollenshead
4/2/2016 9:54:51 AM

The analogous lineBooks, market reports, are maps. Accutrade is VIN specific navigation. That's the elevator speech, the following is some detail.  

A map costs little and could get you to the neighborhood, anybody can make one 

Navigation costs a bit more to create and maintain, but delivers you to the front door. 

Accu-trade is the transparent ignition switch to any marketplace...wholesale, retail, auction, online or in lane, More...

by Robert Hollenshead
2/28/2016 2:26:11 PM

It sure feels good creating software that will help right a wrong, fill a void, leverage 44 years industry knowledge/experience and help the average working guy and gal.  Hot diggity dog.

I've been screaming about diminished value for decades. A hit on a history report, correct or not, creates an undeniable diminution in value that only a newly landed Martian would be silly enough to deny.   Twenty five years ago when vehicle history reports first started surfacing the average price of a new car was $30,000 or less.   Today it's double.  Who ever thought an Escalade would be sneaking up on $100,000.  A small insurance claim intrinsically creates a desirability issue that crushes the value. The proverbial  "shopping cart" accident can make that Escalade's ACV plummet. Who will bid and why they won't changes the “desirability index” dramatically and therefore the value simply is not the same...or


by Robert Hollenshead
1/6/2016 2:44:45 PM

Happy New Year to everybody!

We are starting 2016 with an all time record. All BS aside we have 1,600 units that will be sold Thursday, lane 10 and Friday, lanes 13 , 15, and 16. There has never been a deeper group offered in an open auction. I'm not going to beat you with details. You have to go to the pre-sale list to believe your eyes. I have 1,000 more in stock and paid for waiting for next week. Needless to say, I got the need on my backside. The need to sell, and sell we will.  

Don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of me.

Good luck, I'm selling. 


by Robert Hollenshead
6/28/2015 7:00:29 PM

I’ve been pondering something subliminally for a long time and I am coming to some conclusions that are thought-provoking for people in our business.  Young people are not as interested or obsessed with buying or owning cars like past generations, us.  They don’t really care about cars like we did.  Life was over if you waited one day beyond the sixteenth birthday to get your license and simply not possible to continue on if you didn’t have a chubby ride.  Why many of us actually re-enlisted in the Marines in order to get the extra doe to buy an Austin Healy 3000 Mark II or a GTO.  Have you heard or seen that happen lately? 


I live in Delray Beach Florida where there are more Lambo’s, Rolls, Ferraris,


by Robert Hollenshead
5/6/2015 4:29:58 PM

We for a finale to the week we have another 800 in the 17545, lanes 13,15,16 to top it off.  Jamb packed with 100% trade ins. No place else on earth can you find this depth of inventory…no place.   We paid up to get ‘em and now got to take the doe and let ‘em go.  You got a back to back double header on your hands.  Sourced by maniac gambler degenerate workaholics, kissing more butts than should be legal to pinch ‘em (just to make your job as easy as red hot razor sharp knife sliding through butter) and getting pure sold by an obese half Irish, pacemaker wearing, whacko, unable to say no-sale even when he’d pay more for the car he’s selling .   

 We got $20,000,000+ on the line in two days.  Makes your blood run don't it?  God I love this game.