Market Conditions Commentary
Nashville in the AM, locked and loaded. All ready on the left, all ready on the right, shooters look down range for the simulcast target
by Robert Hollenshead
May 6 2015 3:52PM

Now we are going to see if the future is here or we are just pushing the envelope.  Tomorrow broadcasting from Manheim Nashville is the first of it’s kind pure simulcast sale.  As I said the other day we have joined hands with Wholesale Inc. to stack up a few hundred units, arranged in logical order depending on the flavor that floats your boat, and priced to sell.  Nice group of merch if I have to say so myself. 

We thank you in advance for your participation, even if it’s as an observer that wants to watch like watching the Great Flying Wallendas preforming high wire acts just to see if they were going to fall.  It’s ok. 

But if you are a car dealer, a buyer, make no mistake we are sellers.  I speak for both our entities in saying you can by with the confidence that we are not looking to hit and hide.  If there are material differences in what you think you bought and what landed at you lot, we will stand behind the transaction. 

Dig in, buy deep and sell well my brothers. 

Chad from Wholesale Inc.,

Robert Hollenshead