Market Conditions Commentary
First leg of MADE Auctions, here we come
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 30 2013 11:02AM

This is the first leg of what will be an auction anywhere two ways.  Anywhere in the US physically as we will be doing it from city to city, and anywhere via MADE/AWG Simulcast.  

We are working day and night to get the integration done and ready for the first event.  There are many details to be finished coordinating the different technologies we have brought together so you have a great experience.  The listing should be up over the weekend so you can dig in.

You will see the UCR/Pricing on Monday  2 December by going to I know that is too short  of time prior to the sale but get used to it.  Every time we have enough units to be a big enough magnet to attract enough eyeballs to have a critical mass sale, we’re pulling the trigger.  You will decide if you are coming in to the auction to join us or will  dissect the inventory listed and start placing your proxies.   And don’t forget that the cost of sale fee is less than half the cost per transaction we experience today.  Of course we prefer to have you in the lanes. But we created MADE remarketing recognizing the fact that the lanes often are too far, too time consuming and are an inefficient way to find inventory that matches your specific needs. 

For this initial sale we are post-sale inspecting all units offered.  The Columbus Fair Auto Auction Staff are going way out of their way to accommodate the event.  It is because they are just as convinced as I am that MADE is the “next generation” in our world.  Also, we have joined hands with them because I want to bring some of our inventory closer to the loyal buyers we have in that part of the country.  So many dealers tell me they just can’t come that far to do business.  My response is, “use simulcast”.  Their response is, “but the units don’t fly here we still need to get the out here, plus the fees kill me”.  So here we are physically and via MADE/Simulcast on the internet a step closer to you.

I want to get a few points in the open so you understand the impetus of MADE.  In short, MADE is an industrial strength platform designed by the trade for the trade.  MADE exaggerates the definition of  transparency with the Universal Condition Report, market driven pricing…(prices are all listed prior to sale on the UCR), and fees that are a throw back in the time machine.  You remember, when a fee was something you could absorb and overlook as opposed to be something equivalent to your net profit…remember that?  Those old time fees are back and will remain intact until you read my obituary.  Fundamental premises of MADE is to exaggerate the beauty of the auction which we all love, not emasculate it.  But not waste time with illogically arranged listings.  We want to logically expose inventory to buyers,  eliminate barriers created with policies that have nothing to do with transparent buying and selling.   MADE empowers the buyer and seller with tools that exaggerate transparency, thus trust, and enables  the market to flow. We want buyers to view our live market pricing  listed on the UCR and compare it to any book or guide you use today.  We do this to exaggerate transparency and eliminate fear.  The validation of other professions bidding within the range will help all participants recognize the value and soon depend on it when placing proxy bids or buying on the fly.

Separate from making  the buyer’s experience cost less and more transparent there are other real benefits.  By  matching  the units you are looking, your buying profile,  to logical groupings of inventory the time you waste wearing a raccoon tail hat like Daniel Boone hunting in the wilderness of “buy it now” meshugas, feeling like a retail customer, we let you hit and run buy looking specifically at what is logical for your inventory.   Part of the logic of this, and very important to the MADE process is every unit gets condition/price qualified so the buying experience is not frustrated.   The inventory that makes it to MADE is going to be sold.  The MADE  mantra is based on  my (Robert Hollenshead’s) theory which is quite simple.  “What we own them for has no bearing on what we sell them for, some are more and many are less.   We don’t make the market,  we sell to the market, live (or die) by the auctioneer’s hammer.   The only  Buy It Now button you will find at MADE is the one that says you bought it out of the auctioneer’s mouth, “you bought it,  sign up”.  The emergency of the moment,” all in and all done, sold”, will be.

More coming later today.  In the meantime, in between time Be a MADE MAN (or Woman),



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G Jurosky
Fort wayne
5 years ago
Bob, good luck with the new venture.I am sure that you have put a lot of thought and effort into it and I know that it will be successful. The auctions have out priced the small dealer right out of the market with exoberent fees irregardless of the purchaser being In lane or logged on to the net. Anything that can save a buyer some acquisition money is long over do and will be greatly appreciated. Once again all the best with MADE !!