Using our eyes at the sale, you can buy with absolutely NO FEAR. We have direct lines you can call and have one of our professionals be your eyeballs at the sale. If you can't come, relax, we have your back.

Simulcast on-line bidding is clearly the future. But, how can someone on the phone perhaps half way around the world rely on a condition report generated by an auction? With a SPOTTER®, you have a direct line to an experienced professional on the ground -looking at the unit and answering your specific questions.

A CR will provide make, model and year. But, there are more unanswered questions on a CR than answered ones... how many panels were painted? Is it the year of manufacture or the model year? We offer the kind of information that is critical for the export market.

Call 1-800-215-0001 or go to

Live Professionals on the Lot
Now you can have a SPOTTER® on any unit you are interested in.  We now have live professionals on the lot and in the lanes to be your eyes on the auction.

You now can have a direct line real time contact to clarify any question you have on any unit that is in our system, on simulcast or not.  Call 1-800-215-0001 or go to   
What They Do
Our pro, armed with a paint meter, will answer any question you have from smell (smoker), previous paint, current damage, how many panels were painted, exact color combination, exact equipment, navigation disc and books, service records and any other specific questions you may have. This is also available on “Low-Line” units as well. 

In addition to everything else, we can let you know how long it has been at the auction (who wants sloppy seconds and if you are not there, how would you know?). Call 1-800-215-0001 or go to   
Other Services
We also can provide an Auto Check History Report and Arbitration follow up.

If you want to check out the inventory, we can arrange transportation assistance.  Call 1-800-215-0001 or go to