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Subject: Diminished value calculator...backed with a check...holy schmozoly
by Robert Hollenshead
Feb 28 2016 2:26PM
It sure feels good creating software that will help right a wrong, fill a void, leverage 44 years industry knowledge/experience and help the average working guy and gal.  Hot diggity dog.

I've been screaming about diminished value for decades. A hit on a history report, correct or not, creates an undeniable diminution in value that only a newly landed Martian would be silly enough to deny.   Twenty five years ago when vehicle history reports first started surfacing the average price of a new car was $30,000 or less.   Today it's double.  Who ever thought an Escalade would be sneaking up on $100,000.  A small insurance claim intrinsically creates a desirability issue that crushes the value. The proverbial  "shopping cart" accident can make that Escalade's ACV plummet. Who will bid and why they won't changes the “desirability index” dramatically and therefore the value simply is not the same...or close.  


Over the decades (holy smokes time flies) we built the tool that universally solves the issue of  quantifying the valuation, the dollar amount, on the VIN specific unit. Thank any God we did.  Because now that the buzz on the diminished value topic is intensifying we are ready willing and able to bring the Diminished Value Calculator (it will be using as the URL) DVC as the acronym, to the general market.  

Real time, the DVC  takes all the specific VIN explosion details that are obvious like any recognized value guide might, but it also takes into consideration thousands of details and market driven nuance that aren't so obvious. The multitude of things that we've experienced qualifying, quantifying, pricing, actually buying, and actually selling, millions of vehicles over the decades.

The DVC patent pending algorithm fundamentally changes the accident victims view of the heretofore dilemma how they go about collecting what the law says they have coming to them but nobody has figured out, the diminution in value they experienced when their vehicle had an accident in a clear, empirical,  accessible to anyone, market driven guarantee.


In addition to being 100% transparent,  DVC  enables the user to transact.   The fact that a pre and post-incident guarantee to purchase the specific unit in question sets it apart from the “opine” of any other entity/system/book/company.   While  capturing the  granular detail necessary to make a purchase offer  DVC inherently creates a desirability index that considers how a unit is viewed by traders in the liquid wholesale market from coast to coast in the US and Canada.   How an accident impacts a white 2014 Mercedes S550  compared to a blue one with the exact same characteristics is dramatic in reality. You ask how or why?  I say a lot and because.

 The because is in the market driven nuance which makes up the  science baked into the algorithm.   Separate from geographic variance, supply, exportability, depth/of the hit, location of the hit, contiguous panel effected in the hit, miles, color, smell, DVC includes a very unique way it looks at  the depth of the predictive buyer base on the specific unit. The DVC  process also captures granular detail that produces  a “pedigree “of the VIN and the case.  All vehicle valuation and  case documentation are housed  on Headstart DVMS, a robust cloud based workflow brain, a management process,  where permanent record of each case that can be accessed by subscribing lawyers, dealers or individuals.   Headstart DVMS (Diminished Value Management System). 

Our goal is to  make collecting the diminished value an open and shut process. The impact on the specific 17 digit VIN is one that falls outside a layman's capacity.  The DimValCal, our diminished value calculator, creates a guaranteed value, a wreck report, to be used in getting your wreck check. Individuals, dealers, dealer loaners that always end up with a hit on FAX, lease companies, captives, rental car companies all have a clear path to getting paid. 

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Kay Smith
NY 11234
8 years ago
Bob, your science is superlative.