Market Conditions Commentary
Spring has sprung a bit late but better to have it late than never
by Robert Hollenshead
Feb 27 2014 6:54AM

Anybody hear the birds singing this morning?  There was a better than normal Spring wake up in the market this week even though it has been a month and a half late in coming.  It seems like Springtime demand is finally overcoming the crippling weather.  We had another 100% sold MADE sale with fantastic participation and reports that the Universal Condition Report is doing precisely what it was designed to do, facilitate the transparency needed to make buying and selling ignite.  Such a pity we are unable to use them in the 17545.  God it would make your lives so much enjoyable (and functional, and less stressful, and less random, with less need to interpret the meaning of an ever changing daily interpreter as it is currently a requirement to have a paint meter and a CR interpreter to navigate what means what, where, and who it means what for who etc.), you know what I am talking about if you have used them.

 It is truly flabbergasting to think that anyone would believe in a numerical system that has no relevance to the quality of a vehicle.  If average is average and below is below and above is above and anyone uses those terms to guide their purchasing we are in cloud coocooland.  A below average can sell for $8,000 over MMR average and a 5.0 can bring zero money or $8,000 below MMR average, what is and how do they define “average” on a CR.  Average of what? It sure isn’t the condition or the price, so average what?  Use of a different definition of the number could be a solution or call it “needed reconditioning” from a random writers perspective (which changes intra-daily and inter-auction by a wild amount, therefore reliability is squandered), but please down use the misnomer average when it has zero relationship to the condition or value that is attained at the time of sale.   In order to have an average there has to be a way to quantify the high and low.  The number on a CR has absolutely no value in that regard.  I feel like this is all a big trick that someday, I hope soon, somebody jumps out and screams “you on candid camera, gotcha”.  Cause if not this is as surrealistic as any Salvador Dali painting.

Meantime, after a stellar day in Ohio, we have 600 units for Friday and I think if you were trying to define “critical mass “this is it.  In all 16 categories we have a grouping that matches any buyers profile. Not one other place in North America will you find this merch…and it will be sold…to the bone.  Go to the app or look below, it is stone cold wild.   Let the list speak for itself:

Go to, Manheim Pennsylvania, lane 24, 25.  600 units, anything you are looking for, it's there.  High line, low ine, middle line, anything.  Every one a trade, every one of them a first time to the market unit, no re-shuffled shined up imposters, all of them virgins to the marketplace.  Dig in and good luck.  They will be sold..

* Aste

Get busy.