Market Conditions Commentary
Sounds nuts but true, 900 units Friday in the 17545 Wall Street of remarketing
by Robert Hollenshead
Apr 9 2015 4:47PM

No braggadocios bull dung, simple unbelievable facts:

110 Audis/Porsches , 70 BMWs, 90 General Motors, 80 Honda /Acuras, 90 Fords/Lincolns, 50 Land Rovers/Jaguars, 100 Toyota/Lexus, 20 Subarus, 90 Nissan/Hyundai/Infinities, 100 Mercedes Benz and 20 exotics. 

We have more desirable merch in our three lanes, all trades, not reshuffled auction slugs, no rentals, trades, that are getting sold, than any 8 auctions combined in North America. 

  I prefer sitting on the edge of the razor blade to lounging in a down stuffed lazy-boy.  There ain’t nothing like the thunder of the auction lane that separates observation and theorization from ball shaking, stomach wrenching, reality of $20,000,000 on the block getting sold…not acting like they are getting sold…sold.  I own them all and they will be sold, not out of machination or desperation but out of flat out love of the action in the mecha of the auction world, Manheim, Pa. 

Pull the jock strap up nice and tight, do your homework because we move faster than we should, never trust a CR, they are almost always wrong, and understand one simple fact, I ain’t here to sell you one car and hide like a sharecropper with balloons or a rep service that is an expert in double (or triple) talk. I’m here to make your job of sourcing units as easy as picking low hanging berries on the 4th of July…today and until they make you the General Manager for being so smart for finding creamers that we deliver. 

Be smart, show up or log in and ride the wave our our tsunami of cars and trucks.

Bob and the R Hollenshead team of lunatics, since 1972