Market Conditions Commentary
It never happened before and may never happen again, 850 units Friday...that will be sold...regardless of to who or for how much, period
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 28 2012 10:27PM

This Friday in the 17545 there is something that never happened before and I have a feeling may never happen again…ever.

In the wake of recent acts of God and other conditions it looks like the earth, moon and stars are lining up to create a once in a car-time happening.  I have 850 units that will be sold, at one auction, in one day.  The mix is unbelievable, the volume is a new world record which I can’t imagine will ever happen again and it looks like the market is hungry for merch.

Dealers are calling and coming in to my office from everywhere.  I sold over 200 at my door today and could of sold more.  But you know me, I love the hammer and the block so I got out of Dodge early so I have piles of merch for everybody that pays attention Friday.  I am the worst cat in the world when it comes to predicting things, but I am going to do it anyway;  It’s going to be off the wall nuts in our lanes Friday.

As usual we are unable to get normal numbers at the auction so two of my lanes won’t start until the rest of the auction is over, lane 23 will start afternoon with less expensive domestics, but a good mix and solid merch.  Lane 6 will start well after noon with flat out creamers, all late model low mileage domestics. 

And of course lane 24 will feature 600 of the wildest imports ever assembled in one place at one time.  There are over 100 Toyotas, 150 Lexus, 80 Mercedes, 80 BMWs, 50 Audi/Porsches, 20 Land Rovers, 100 Acura/ Hondas, 70 Infinity/Nissans, 6 Suby WRXs and 5 Mitsu rocket ships.  There are 20 Mazdas, 20 Hyundais and a pile of good VWs, Volvos and Saabs.   We have Bentleys, Maserati’s, Jags, Defenders and 8 911s. 

This ain’t a braggadocios rant, this is a warning.  If you need cars and your boss finds out you missed our lanes this week, keep Craig’s List nearby because he will fire your silly back end on the spot.  This will not be a silly ring around the rosy appraisal session begging like a baby for $200 more on nothing.  This will be me, an auctioneer, and you,  in bid to hose to combat, for 9 hours. 

We will be testing my pacemaker and will find out if I have pushed it to the limit, but we will not be quitting with sore hands.  This one is going down in the record books (which nobody cares about, or pays attention to, with the exception of maybe YOU).

$17,000,000 worth of metal will be turning into cash.  If you are coming in and you buy 3 or more units, I’ll pay your Hotel.  If you are logging on Simulcast, you can buy in my lanes with zero fear because I guarantee you will get what you thought you bought or give it back.  That ain’t no ideal offer, it’s my word.   That don’t mean you don’t need to look at what you’re buying, it means that if you think I tricked you in any way, you ain’t tricked.  I own every one of the cars I am offering.  I don’t “rep” reshuffled auction slugs.  There will be no sissy begging for $2 more and a dopey story about it wasn't my car, what do you want me to do.  We are selling 100% trade-ins that we kiss ass to buy…just for you. 

You have all day tomorrow to do your due diligence and get ready to rumble.  I am not selling anything tomorrow, they are all coming to the sale and we will live or die by the hammer.  Do yourself a favor and do what they taught us to do as children in the Marines; “lock and load, take the offhand position and look down range for the range for the DOOOG targets.  In this case it is the wildest merch ever assembled in one place at one time and you got a half wit, half Irish nut fixin to sell everything that stops for 20 seconds in front of me (so if you are bald and your head is shinny, don’t stop in front of the block or I’ll sell your ass too.

Let’s have some fun.


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Robert Taylor
PA 19053
11 years ago
See you on Simulcast ; )