Market Conditions Commentary
Have a great day off, but get ready because Spring will sprung early this year
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 22 2012 2:06PM

I want to thank all of our customers all over the world for your business, loyalty and trust in R Hollenshead and our affiliates.

This is rounding out to be our biggest year ever and I have no business without all of you.  I truly and deeply appreciate it. 

This week we will have 800-900 units of the craziest stuff you will see anywhere.  We are already packed with impossible to find merch and we have all week to pile up more.  

Take it easy, don’t blow all your doe on the games, get right with your families and strap up tight for next week.  We are ready to bust out of the deadsville market that has been pissing on the parade and kick some backend. 

P.S.  Car Fax has made the change on their announcement that crushed all the Northeast units two weeks ago and I thank them for listening to us.  I continue to say that all dealers need to join hands as one single voice to protect ourselves and our industry from external forces that have the ability to make us look like fools and crooks.  It is really time to act.

Eat and drink well,  I love you all,