Market Conditions Commentary
Two things, totally unrelated, both totally relevant
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 15 2012 3:28PM

Two things. 

Car Fax does it again.  They crush their only paying customer…the dealer.  Take a look at any car you own that is registered in the states that had a storm and they have branded all of your inventory as child molesters.  That’s right they think they might be child molesters.  They aren't sure, they heard that they are and have no way to know if it’s true, but figure them for child molesters. 

That is what they have suggested on millions of cars in our inventory, sent absolutely disastrous gossip out to the world that based on your address all of your cars are now worth $10,000 less per unit than they were yesterday…this equals billions of devaluation on our inventory…no cost or risk to Car False, whoops, I mean Car Fax. 

Now do you see why we must join hands and form a union to have a united voice?  Wake up or get crushed, that’s my opinion.  It’s our skin in the game because they have zero skin in the game.  They sit on the sideline passing out innuendos  to the unsuspecting public as if they have facts and brand us as Foxes.  No they are not only the Fox they are the new “clocker”.  Spinning speedometers (false information that they represent to the public as fact and qualify it so they avoid exposure with disclaimers) is the analogy I think is most appropriate.  Leading the consumer to believe something that is simply untrue.  Occasionally they are right but in a large percentage of instances they are way wrong and mislead they public.  That is the same as clocking or abusing public trust.  It is time for this to end.

I am for 100% transparency, no matter what, with no exception, ever.  But dancing to the music that they play and force it down our throat, haphazardness destroying our equity and with the end result of mistrust of our customers, is clocking cars.  The ultimate people that will pay is the individual owner of the car, the public, just like when people clocked cars.  Up front the person trading got more money, but in the end the end user got screwed.  The opposite here with the same result.  Now we have to trade cars with a hit on the VHR even if it wasn't involved, and trade them for thousands less so they can be remarketed.  It is pure deception.  The public will pay for the broken plates. 

Next and on a totally different topic, We have the most wild inventory at the 17545 tomorrow of any combination of auctions in the country.  It is almost embarrassing.  And wild stuff.  Do yourself a favor and cruise the inventory, you won’t believe what you are seeing.  Lane 24 9 AM;  Lexus, Toyota, BMW, MB, Land Rover, Volvo, Jag, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infinity, Subys, and hundreds of good less expensive import inventory.  Lane 6 has a group of domestics starting in early afternoon (because I can’t get numbers at Manheim at a respectable time of the day due to the fact that I sell more cars here than any human in history with a large multiple to boot( !^%$#&^*^$#@!@!????pure and simple brain death, but a fact) and lane 23 starting afternoon for the same inexplicable reason, but wild merch.  23 is domestic semi-mile challenged units but a fantastic selection that Travis will be selling. 

I hate bragging, but this line of merch is wild, unmatched anywhere, and absolutely will be sold.  Tighten up your jock staps because I stacked up and ready to rumble.  Join the action, and I promise you, there will be action.

Sell Well,


2 Readers' Comments

12 years ago
I have said for years that Carfax cares nothing about dealers they only want their money and forget trying to fix something that is incorrect on a report it takes a signature from Obama himself to make it happen! If dealers would wise up and just dump them all at once on a unified front they would wake up!

Daryl Firewicz
West Homestead
PA 15120
12 years ago
I still don't understand why dealers willingly PAY for this abuse. I dumped CarFax years ago in favor of AutoCheck and have found that the people working there actually have common sense when it comes to correcting obvious errors. I've never lost a deal using autocheck over CarFax. Their pricing Is much better too.