Market Conditions Commentary
The Pontificators finally figured out the market is horrific and cars aren't "scarce"...Perfect
by Robert Hollenshead
May 31 2012 1:12PM
So finally they figured out that cars aren’t scarce and the market is a disaster.  Great.  I have been saying for months.  There is nothing scarce relative to the wholesale market and cars…except a seller willing to sell for what the market is willing to pay, Now that is scarce.  Optimistic buying in this economy will result in unrealistic sellers at the block.  When you buy with the anticipation of a market that absorbs your optimism and it isn’t realized, you are in the proverbial world of caca.

You can call me anything you like, and you might be correct, but you won’t call me a nit wit unwilling to face the market.  I am selling regardless of circumstances.  I don’t see this market changing any time soon either.  New cars everywhere, programs galore, aged inventory that can’t get converted, and if they can’t cash up, they sure can’t buy.  That is called constipation with no reconciliation.  Here we are.

That being said, forget about it, we have a car show tomorrow in the 17545.  Nobody can predict nothing.  But I’m going to predict this, I’m selling.  I selling everything regardless of outcome.  I can also predict this.  After I sell, I’m going to buy everything I see on the market we are faced with.  I have 600 for this week and have 700 in the scope for next.  In other words, this ain’t practice.  We are selling.  We are adjusting.  We are not slowing down like anyone with a brain would.  We are going to do business.  In the wake of that you need to pay close attention because the buyer with a brain will be there to take advantage of my unwillingness to “hold” cars or jerk buyers looking for more than the market is willing to pay.

Need any help with condition, call our Spotter line.  Need any help after the sale, call Sheikh.  Need any help retailing cars, call God, or Allah,  not me.  That is something I ain’t going to help you with.  It’s your fault you didn’t study, not mine.

Sell Well

Robert Hollenshead
Founder and President