Market Conditions Commentary
Friday, game time, is 24 hours away in the 17545
by Robert Hollenshead
Apr 5 2012 8:40AM
I am sitting at my desk  looking at the presale list at the largest auction in the world, the 17545.  There are 5,100 units registered for the sale.  R Hollenshead has 743 of those units.  We’ll end the day with 800.  Of the 800, 650 are cars that are units that are impossible to find, anywhere.  And, these little babies are all finding new owners by 4PM Friday, don’t mistake that fact.  The heavy work mis done.  You just have to hit the entr button.  Now that I wrote that, it don’t seem fair.  Why I got to do all the hard part, you just got to bid?  Oh well, that just part of the lot of being a dumb Irishman.  Work your simple self to death and hope to find a piece of bread and a beer.

I don’t know why, but a bunch of people ask me how I can stand on the block selling our wares like a nut, no break, no food, and never take a leak.

Now what in the world would cause people to think about that.  Probably cause they had to go 4 times while I am still standing on the block.  I tell them that at the end of the day, just sold 650 units, cashed up 10-12 million, I go like a lizard.  Lizards make urine where the color is dark red, concentrated, stinks like the devil.  They do it because water is scarce where they live, need to conserve. 

I do the same, but for different reasons. Imagine you had $14,000,000, all in bags, bags of money,  of your money sitting in a lot, and you got to sell them all in a day.  Would you be thinking about a toilet, would your body be worried about unloading?  No.  You  to busy trying to get the job done.  These cars don’t belong to a bank, an OEM, a bank, where Other People’s Money is involved, No.  I own these bags.  I got to unload to reload.  This ain’t no twiddley-dee-twiddley-dom thing.  It’s game on Pal.  So don’t worry about me taking a wizz, pay attention to what is on the block.  I dare you to swipe one from me.  I am game even though I look like I been clocked five times (only been clocked three).

Our lane 23 will be running until 4PM.  And starts at 8:45AM (I fib a bit so you have time to get the coffee and get situated, because 8 hours in front of the TV is a long time)  Lane 22 will start around 11:30 with 200 units and lane 5 at 11:30 with 70 domestics.  (sure is nice being the largest volume car dealer in the world, look at the lucky numbers I am given, we get to start our lanes after the auction is done, brilliant and a testimony to the special deals I get from the auction.  That’s what everybody thinks , right?  Think about that one.  Any share cropper on earth show up with 20 cars and does better than that).  It will never happen, but if you had 780 units at an auction, would you believe that your first car would come in at NOON? In the domestic lanes?  More proof am a silly Irishman cause there ain’t one account in the world that would settle for that.  NOBODY.

Buy in any of our lanes (if you can stay out that late at night)  with confidence.  If you think somebody tricked you, call me direct.  I will get you straight. 

By the way, I was happy to see an old veteran of Manheim at the sale last week.  He quit coming because he is now a big shot in the NASCAR thing, but it is nice to know you alive and well and it is great to have a real car dealer, a pro, come back to visit.  Eddy F of Norfolk. you know I’m talking to you, boy.

Robert Hollenshead
Founder and President

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