Market Conditions Commentary
Decent hi-line, sold everything, now we can have a real sale Friday
by Robert Hollenshead
Mar 29 2012 6:25PM
It was a very good Hi-Line today for good cars and great units are on Jupiter.  Now that is over, we can concentrate on a real auction, Friday.  If you look at 23 starting at 9AM, it’s kind of hard to believe.  60 low miles Toyotas in a row, 60 low mile Honda/Acura, 60 Nissan/ Infinity/Subys in a row, 60 good Europeans, 60 good miley Toyota/Hondas, 60 good mid-range, domestics, 60 mile challenged dead beat tax rat units, and 60 good domestics in lane 5 at noon.

Weather is good, market is starving, I feel like ripping heads off, try to rip mine off.  They will all be sold.  We got all the big shots here from Atlanta to watch simulcast at it’s best.  Don’t let me down.  You buy all year from me on the machine so be sure you do your finger exercises prior to the bell going off at 9AM.  Do your stretches exercises before the sale.  Take your dump before the sale.  Tell the brats, “Daddy is busy, so sit down and shut-up… sweetie”.  If you screw up, no sweat.  I’m so dopey I work it out with you.

What I got would be illegal in any other auction because it would ruin their reputation for never having this kind of merch again.  Enough  hyperboly, get sleep, get ready, Friday is 12 hours away.  I’m already pumped.  How could a 60 year old worn out clocked wholesaler feel like a 12 year old getting his first…well you know.  But that’s how I feel.  Don’t blame me if I’m off the hook tomorrow, it isn’t my fault.  I just love to rumble.

Let’s have some fun.

6 Readers' Comments

Craig Mcdowell
PA 19560
12 years ago
Go home already Bob!

Jeff Cunderi
WA 98032
12 years ago
rust never sleeps

Gerald (gerry) Acquilano
NY 14456
12 years ago
...remember, a car is just a lump of iron in the lot without a title. Buy it Friday, but can you sell and deliver it on Saturday? This is where the mind boggles.....

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
12 years ago
Hey Gerry, I buy trades, only trades. Nobody trades a car that doesn't have a payoff. I pay for thes cars with laser check, that's why I get them, I bank the new car dealer. I don't get paid until the title comes. I have 20 million in drafts waiting for titles. I get no benefit in not having the title. I turn them suckers in the second I get them. I can't defecate titles. Your'e smart, you can understand that, right?

Jay Tribull
DE 19975
12 years ago
The car is not a lump of iron it's a bag of money

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
12 years ago
Now your'e talking. A bag of money drives the point home, don't it?