Market Conditions Commentary
Rapping up the month and Trust
by Robert Hollenshead
Mar 28 2012 2:59PM
Rapping up the month

It is true, cars are short in the mid-west, if they are cheap, and nice, and low miles, and good Car Fax, and so on and on and on.  But high price, wrong color, paint work, no gear…forget about it.  Cars aren’t that scarce.  Nobody home.  I can sell 2,000 cars under $10,000 under 80,000 miles this afternoon.  But them muddy suckers with 49K and it’s a $40,000 car, not so simple.  Thank God  that he watches over high mileage Irishman.  Old worn out wholesaler with eleven million miles on him.  Been clocked a half dozen times, frame damage in the core, and running with a battery connection that is a bit loose.  That’s me.

He watches out for me because week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, he shines a light that leads me to the largest volume of cars, the right cars, that the world can’t find, than can be bought and sold in North America.  With the next two days in, I going to sell 4,000 units this month, $80,000,000 in rev…for the month.

The stuff we have line up for the next two days should be illegal.  I am half embarrassed.  I look at auctions in every corner of the country and ain’t nobody got a smidgen of what we have in the 17545 Thurs, Friday.

First, I want to again make all simulcast participants understand that I don’t take this lightly.  When I tell you “No Fear”  the words mean No Fear.  Not no fear with fine print, on a Sunday between six and seven if it is snowing on the forth of July and Jesus needs to be driving the unit at the time of the sale.  No, No , No.  Listen very careful.  It means no cotton picking fear.

There are many impersonators in my world.  Folks looking to walk the walk and talk the talk.  Talk is simple, execution causes agida.  Being a cowboy is interestingHere’s where blabber and fact, twisting and turning and standing with feet set in granite, get separated.  You buy something from me and feel like you got shmeeked, call me straight, not the auction.  I promise you, you are getting right.  See if you get that guarantee from a “rep” service very happy to act like they are real, but break down and get revealed when there’s any kind of an issue.  Trust Daddy-O.  It has cost me millions to develop.  I value it more than profit.

That’s why we have over 1,000 dealers logged into our lanes on a given day on Simulcast.  Attendance at the sale is less and less.  Attendance on Simulcast is rocketing.  I love it.  Trust is the only thing that makes it happen.  You have proven your trust in me…I honor it.  Thank you to every one of you folks, in Memphis and Minneapolis, and Los Angles, And Houston, and Dallas, and Moscow, and Lagos, and Atlanta, and in Louisville, and in Portland and in Seattle, and in Toronto and so on and so on.  Without out our merch, you wouldn’t be here. But, without you being there, I couldn’t be here.  I Love This Mess.  Who would imagine this scenario 10 years ago? 

Once again I got 800 trades on the block this week.  I am going to sell them all.  I kiss Butt, fist fight, sweat talk, back talk, promise things I shouldn’t, pay too much, kiss more rear ends to get these 800 here for you every week.  NOW, Pay attention and dig in.  It’s Showtime.

Robert Hollenshead
Founder and President

3 Readers' Comments

Kyle Chadwick
12 years ago
Hi Robert,

This is no joke! I bought a car from Hollenshead two weeks ago and after fighting the with auction for two weeks someone told me to call Robert. I called him and without hesitation he said "send it back". I will without a doubt buy more cars out of principle due to that experience. Buy with total trust. Thanks again.


Don Hrapchak
PA 15909
12 years ago
Hello "King"

Thanks for helping me out of a bind on my simulcast purchase; and promptly too! I'm a tiny indepedent and that would've hurt. I've never had anyone reach out to me before AND KEEP THEIR WORD; but you did and I shop lane 23 online with more confidence.
Thank you.
Don Hrapchak

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
12 years ago

Jay Smith
NC 27405
last week
I would like to take a second to give credit where credit is due. I bought a unit this Thursday that was arbitrated but to me sounded like a simple issue. I shot Bob an email just asking him what and if there was anything we could do and not 20 minutes later my cell is ringing with him saying they will look into it immediately. Now we don't know if the vehicle has an issue or not , and will find out in the am but can you name any other seller in the US that handles his business like that. Bob, I know why you are where you are and I hope that I run my small dealership as honorably as you run yours. This is the exact reason I was on the computer looking at his pre-sale inventory for Friday's sale when he called. Bob, please feel free to post this testament to your business anywhere you like.

Jay Smith
Jay's Used Cars