Market Conditions Commentary
Poetry sent to me from one of our dealers in North Carolina
by Robert Hollenshead
Mar 26 2012 12:48PM
This is a poem sent to us by one of our loyal Simulcast buyers.  He is a dealer in North Carlina that we sell to on a regular basis.  I thought it was very nice of him to take the time to put it together.  My only question is, why isn't he spending the time more profitably by selling the cars we sell him as opposed to trying his hand as a poet.  Only teasing, and thanks so much to Daniel for the poetry and thinking of me.  I am honored.  

Dedicated to Mr. Hollenshead
By: Daniel Miller/ GM of Blanton Cars Inc.

The Maestro Of Manheim

Each Friday Lane 22 is the place to be.
The show starts at nine and goes until three.

If you don’t have it, then it can’t be found.
You selection is more unique to the world around.

You bring in cars from all over the place.
If aliens had cars, you’d bring them from space!

The action in your lane runs at a blazing speed.
We have to be quick to buy what we need.

If you pass gas in your lane, stand away far.
If the auctioneer hears it, then you bought a car.

Your auctioneers are always on top of their game.
When we log in elsewhere, it’s just not the same.

We always wonder just what you’re going to say.
You describe each vehicle in your own special way.

Those ain’t head lights! This car has tits!
The carfax is clean with no reported hits!

A school teacher  owned this one. This bitch is new!
There’s not another auction in the country like lane 22!

You stand up on the block and let the deals fly.
College can’t teach it. You’re just a car guy.

You sell them all, regardless of the price!
When they pull up on the lot, “Man are they nice!”

We know in your lane we can buy  without fear.
Your promise to dealers is admired by all of us here.

You are one of the last of a small breed of guys.
You study the market and go find the buys.

We tune in each week to see just what you will bring.
When it comes to wholesaling cars, “You’re the undisputed king!”

P.S.  The market was on fire Friday from Bell to bell.  I sold 600 on the block and 789 total for the week.  Wild.  Thank God.