Market Conditions Commentary
A 666 Friday
by Robert Hollenshead
Mar 22 2012 12:42PM
666 for Friday

The number of the Beast.  So I suppose we are going to have a beast of a day.  We have a beast of a line up.  More good, low mile Audis than any 5 auctions combined  in the country, ore Toyota and Lexus than any three auctions combined in the country, more good low mile Acura, Honda good car false units than any auction anywhere, more low mile Mercedes, BMWs than any  auction in the country, 30 Subys (low mile great mix), 40 Nissans, and a pile of Mazdas. 150 good low mile domestics and 100 mile challenged units perfect for tax check credit rats.

In other words, a cotton picking Beast of a sale in lanes 23 at 8:45AM, 22 at 1PMand lane 5 around 11:30 AM.

The main reason I am telling all of you this now is to be sure nobody commits suicide when the buzz hits the street that we sold cars that simply are not available at any other place in the world and yopu feel so dopey for missing it a sharp object or a high bridge is your only solution.

How we do it? (Get up early, go to bed late doesn’t really explain it) I actually have have no idea.  It is physically impossible, but we do it, every week, just for you.  Don’t be a knuckle head whining about not being able to find cars, there’s no cars out there.  We have them.  We are going to sell every one of them…on the block…in broad daylight…on simulcast…Friday…23 March at 8:45 AM.  This is not a warning.  It is a promise.  666 getting sold, creamers, not re-shuffled auction pigs, first time to the market trades, guaranteed to be how we call them.

666, the number of the beast.  Niro new it, the theologians knew it (Preterist theologians typically support the numerical interpretation that 666 is the equivalent of the name and title, Nero Caesar (Roman Emperor from 54-68)) and I’m letting you know it.  It must be mystical or some sort of Biblical thing.  666 in 17545 in on man’s lane, all getting sold, all merch that simply can’t be sourced anywhere else. 

Cars, creamers, screaming, food, guarantees only a psychopath would make, real madness (not the forced fake variety, skin-in certifiably nutty madness, the kind that gets a cat locked up anywhere else)

Robert Hollenshead
Founder and President
R. Hollenshead Auto Sales Inc.
1373 Lancaster Road - Manheim, PA 17545