Market Conditions Commentary
Game time, and it is not Spring Training. I have 300 for Hi Line and 400 for Friday
by Robert Hollenshead
Feb 29 2012 3:15PM
Ok, here is the deal.  I have 700 units in the 17545 for Thursday lane 11 and Friday lane 22.  I really hate to brag as it isn’t polite or my style, but I am bragging.  This could be made illegal by all other auctions.  Ain’t nobody in the continent got what we rounded up this week.  Separate from “no cars around”  we have precisely what you would order if you had a menu of what doesn’t exist.  Worse than that, there isn’t one unit that is not a trade. 

In other words, they are not re-shuffled auction slugs, flunked the shop rejects, bid-lot–pigs, or lost and found repos.   These little hamburgers are new car trades that all required extraction from the source.  It is very similar to the work done by a dental laboratory that does the dreaded dry socket operation or root canals.  Who wants to lose their teeth?  Nobody.  Who wants to wholesale creamers?  Nobody.  What is required to make those extractions?  Pure ass kissing and the enticement of taking too much money on the barrel head at the point of entry to the in-play market, when the bitch is still warm, and a month before they have to pay it off, as a trade in.  Preform that surgery 600 times per week.  See how it goes.  I do it all for you like a scientist (even though I quit school in 10th grade) or a first class dentist. 

We pinch these units with surgical precision.  Look at the list, sort it by make, sort it by model, sort it by gear, sort it by any other method and the conclusion is crysal clear;  there ain’t one other spot in the world to find the volume, selection, and pedigree……….no place.  One final ingredient, they are all going to have a new owner on the back of the title by 3:30 PM Friday.  There will be, as always, no practice, no whining for $100 more, no “I’ll get more next week”, no nothing except Sell.

I love them all when I buy them and hate them all 12 seconds later.  They got to go.  Similar to deep sea fishing, we love the sport of finding the impossible.  But once those giant fish are on the boat, they start stinking, don’t they?  Now they got to go.  Pinching a load of incredible merch is exactly the same.  We got them, now we are primping them, and in 19 hours the show begins.  Log in, I won’t disappoint you. 

There will probably be 20-30% without CRs.  This is not because we are trying to hide something.  It’s because we are moving faster than the auction, who is trying, can move.  If you buy something with no CR and you feel as though you got schmeaked, call me direct.  Don’t call the auction.  My word, as well as my name, is on every car, I will get you right.

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite, get up with the roosters and get ready to rumble.  This ain’t spring training.

Robert Hollenshead
Founder and President