Market Conditions Commentary
Here we go into the Spring market
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 30 2011 12:19PM
Thank God for Spring.  Sixty days from now is smack in the middle of the Spring market.  So there is no downside to buying anything at this point.  If you recall, last February was the hottest little spurt on heavy sports cars we have seen in decades.  Astons, Lambos, SLs and Porches were flat out ripping.   We had a wild run with Vettes, Mustang GTs, and SRT8s.  A sixty day turn puts you smack in the middle of a wholesale profit if you wake up and use your noggin right now.

I have over 700 units going to the block on Friday.  We ain’t loaded for bear, we’re loaded for Noah’s Arc.  My theory is simple.  We are looking to sell every one with full expectation that we will show up with another 700 next week and the week after and the week after and until I am dead.  Simple.  I can’t get complicated or scientific with ideas of where to sell and which ones not to sell and it’s a Holiday and it rained or God farted.  No. Simple.  Buy the sucker and let it rip.  Scientists can do the thinking.  I am going to do the selling.

I am also trying my talent at  poetry.  Let me give you a few lines;

I bought  700 cars this week

A new owner for each one I seek,

You can look high and low

But you’ll never find the flow

Of fresh trades that I’m fixing to blow

To take the doe,

And let them go is my motto

Regardless of price or return.

It’s a policy that I follow

To the point of having my pockets hollow

So don’t be a fool and miss out.

Come Friday at four

after they've hit  auction floor,

there’ll be one story  told

“they’ve all be sold”

And the Lunatic will be back next week  with 700 more

Nice eh?

OK.  I get it.  Stick to what you know.

Not Shakespeare, but he couldn’t buy cars either.

4 Readers' Comments

Vigit Roy
8 years ago
pretty good Mr.Hollenshead i didnt know that you were into poetry as well makes me throw in a couple of lines , just for fun...

Let me introduce you to Hollenshead

the man who is selling until dead

every week from what we see

paying stacks in auction fee

I’ll tell you what I’d like to do

I don’t care if its green light.. red, or blue

I don’t need a 4.3

when I can get this done for free

I am ready with full pockets

and I like your cars, I think they’re rockets

I am calling you directly now

I aint no more a lazy cow

send me emails of what you got

and I wont give it a second thought

we all know that you are the king


see you friday!

Vigit Roy,

Royal Cars of Columbia

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
8 years ago
Thanks Vigit. I got Mr.Need following me around right now. It's the need for an auction fix. I miss a week of the psycho madness and I feel like a junkie four hours past a fix. Bring money and a few friends.

Igor Kirianov
NH 03865
8 years ago
that's the best commentary yet...

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
8 years ago
Thanks Igor,

I know it's not Aleksey Tolstoy or Alexsandr Tvardovsky, but I am trying. Please critique my next attempt which should go up Thursday.

Much appreciated