Market Conditions Commentary
We sold 53 units so far today to dealers that take advantage of our “profiling” product
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 17 2011 3:17PM
By logging in and  filling in the units you are looking for, our system notifies you when those specific cars hit our inventory.  Dealers from all over the world have been taking advantage of our “just traded” inventory.  We will be debuting our mobile app next week and you will love it.  Besides  giving you access to inventory as it hits us, you can update what you need anytime anywhere.  It really is slick.  And it works.  Call Sheikh at 732 666 8888 when we have a connection.  He will finish the bill of sale and pull the unit for your trucker.

Tomorrow, Friday the 18th, I have 600 units in the 17545, Manheim, Pa.  It is one click off of a car show.  Hundreds of everything.  Hundreds of Lexus that exist nowhere else.  Sixty creamers in lane 6 starting after noon (I must not sell enough cars to get good numbers as nutty as that seems so I start at 12:15 PM, good for folks in a different time zone).  I have 40 Audis, 70 Mercedes, 150 Lexus, 55 BMWs, 50 Toyotas, 10 Subys, 20 VWs, 15 Volvos, 40 Nissan/Infinity, 50 Honda/Auras, and a pile of mile challenged cheapies (our Low Line sale that follows at the end of lane 22).

If you are on Simulcast please know that we fly.  If there isn’t a CR or the Cr seems whacky, relax.  You are buying from me, not a share cropper that can’t be found in the AM.  So when you see “dent in seat belt”(?), molding on hubcap center cap(?), 2.7 with no paint work(?), or a 2.8 that brings $5,000 over MMR average while you are in your underwear wondering how that could happen(?), don’t get shocked.  Understand that the cats on the auction floor did look at it and they are bidding on a fat one.  They didn’t look to see how the “objective” cr grade.  So don’t ruin a chance to buy inventory you need but are scared off by a grading system.   It has nothing to do with what the unit actually looks.   Buy it and if you are disappointed I’ll take it back.  Watch the lane.  The lane is packed with buyers.  It’s not because they want to look at my fat mug or listen to me for fun.  They are there because it is the only spot in this hemisphere that has the merch and is absolutely letting them fly.

In the very unlikely chance you don’t like it, refer to this note on my website and let me know.  I am not looking to trick anybody into buying something you feel is misrepresented.  I am here to sell you cars long after today.  So buy with the confidence that you would have if I was standing in your showroom floor.  What you will see in my lanes is merch that is not available anywhere in the country, at any other auction.  I personally own every one of these cars.  I have skin in the game.  If you have any questions about anything about my cars, my employees, call me directly.  I take it personally  how you feel about us and your general  experience in Manheim.  Beyond our cars and people, if you need help while you are here or if you need help at the auction, call us.  We will do anything we can to get the job done.

Oil up the keyboard.  Call the dealership and tell them you will be in a little late Friday.  Take a shower, get your favorite robe on.  Shut the door in your computer room (keep the rug rats out).  Get the coffee ready.  Crack your fingers and get ready to take advantage of a lunatic that has 600 units standing tall with their tits hanging out.  There will be no half stepping.  If you hit the enter button expect to call your trucker, cause I am selling.  You ain’t going to hear” No-sale” from me.  You won’t listen to driveling like “ I need a duce more”, or some other whining vomit you may get stroked from somewhere else.  Meka noma stecka jeka, I’m taking the doe and letting them go, Daddy-O.

I don’t make the market but I am ready and willing to live or die by it.   

Sell Well,


4 Readers' Comments

Jim Blackwill
VA 20110
9 years ago
Good day Mr. Hollenshead this is Jim Blackwill from Fredericksburg, VA

we just received a load of 9 cars we purchased this week through the buying profile and wanted to thank you for the service. the cars are exactly as described and we are completely satisfied. we were just discussing this product in our group meeting today and our general manager have requested if we can also get condition reports with the list of cars we get in the email from you guys. i think we don't even have to go to the auction anymore if we can get cars from you like this every week.

thanks guys,


Erwin Ferarro
Cocoa beach
9 years ago
Hey Bob its Erwin from Elite Motorcars florida thanks for the help with that audi last friday i have been trying to sign up for this service but there is an error saying "dealer information required"

can someone help me with resolve this issue?

see you next week!

Sheikh M. basim
PA 17545
9 years ago

Please feel free to call our 24 HOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER AT 732.666.8888 for any questions that you might have and one of our representatives will resolve your issues instantly- Thank you.

Yakov Bandura
NY 13206
9 years ago
Hi Mr. Hollenshead. Thank you for all the deals we made last week outside of auction via your buying profile product. All cars are as described, no issues. Thank you very much!