Market Conditions Commentary
"the Good Old Days"
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 2 2011 1:38PM
I talk to dealers all over the country and all over the world.    I am fascinated by their points of view.  Guys with time in the business  like to talk about the good old days and relate stories about how much fun it was back in the day. I hear it all the time, “it ain’t like it used to be, it ain’t fun anymore.” There is no doubt that we could write a book that would wind up looking like the Encyclopedia Britannica with volumes of stories that, with hindsight, really are hilarious.  In fact very few non-car dealers would believe the stories were true and probably wouldn’t care.  It would be like a nostalgic old dusty dude that rode on the Pony Express relating his experiences to the guy running the telegraph company.

In my view, we are smack in the middle of what will be seen in the future as “the good old days.” The way things are changing is really exciting.  We are on the home page of KBB.  The action is nothing short of staggering.  The number of people that use KBB for a reference is no joke.  They rule in the public’s mind.  They rule more than Car Fax rules in the public’s mind.  And the beauty of this is we have stopped the world from saying “sell it to Kelley, they don’t buy cars, who cares what their number is.”

That’s over.  The number the consumer gets off of Kelley’s site is real and we will buy any car, now, as in this second, anywhere, no matter what it is, period (with no exceptions).  If that doesn’t get your blood moving and calling your Auto Trader TIM specialist, I can’t help you.  I only wish I could show you the action, you would think it is a fagasy.  It’s not.  I am telling you this is the good old days in action.

We are doing business nationwide and worldwide.  That didn’t happen in the good old days.  Our intestinal fortitude to give a fair market value to anyone that owns a car, truck, or van anyplace that you can drive a car without going into a ocean or crossing a boarder is absolute.  That wasn’t a reality in the good old days.  The transperancy this creates to all participants wasn’t around in the good old days.

So here is the conclusion.  I love the stories we can tell about the good old days, cause there really was some funny stuff that happened, I mean really funny.  But I telling you now, what’s happening now, right now, today kind of now, makes those good old days stores look like fairy tales you tell your grand-babies to shut them up and go to sleep.  This is Rock ‘n Roll played on nuclear speakers with repeater stations from one metro area to the next.  KBB is banging out leads through Trade-in Marketplace non-stop 24-7.  That’s today, it happening this second, and take my word for it, it’s wild.

It will go into my last volume of my version of the Good Old Days.

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Dru Marks
8 years ago
Hi Bob,
This is brilliant. Kelly Blue Book offering guaranteed prices. I wish this was available 5 years ago when I was trying to close deals on the showroom floor. I thought I had the deal closed, then the customer would pull out their Kelly Blue Book print out and we had to start the dance over again. This is great no confrontation about what their trade is worth and we don't have to loss money wholesaling the car. Bravo!!!!