Market Conditions Commentary
The market was like catching a giant Marlin and losing it because the gaff broke pulling it on to the boat
by Robert Hollenshead
Oct 15 2011 12:35PM
The market was like hooking a giant marlin and losing it because the gaff broke getting it on the boat.

It was like making the Majors and breaking an ankle on the first day.

It was like planning a trip to Machu Picchu and having it cancelled due to SENDERO LUMINOSO blowing up the train.

I can’t remember a streak like this in my life. I have always said that I live a blessed existence because wholesale is not related to retail.  You simply buy everything that has more than two wheels and sell every one of them before the motor cools down, every week.   That leaves you slap on the market, liquid, and ready to bang.

This is the first time that for eight  weeks we are in a market that reflects the general news on CNN and it seems to have a direct effect on the block.  Nobody has balls or knows what, why, how or who.   It’s like our elected officials being determined to be constipated with no direction about anything.   Brain freeze is the order of the day.

Only exceptional units get any real activity.  This is true across the board.   In bird watching terms (I know about things like this), only the BareBreastedRedBeakedFullTailed HornSwallower  gets any real action (a very rare breed, nearly extinct, and only found the Galapagos Islands next to New Dopeland which is just east of Thingsain’twhattheyusedtobeville.   Neither   place show up on Google Maps).   A crow, a sea gull, and sparrows are worthless.  A crow is an off lease anything.  A sparrow is a hit on car fax.  A sea gull is every mud mile anything that the current market can’t absorb.

This brings me to the topic of why. You have the great pleasure of hearing first from a car dealer that professes to know nothing about anything, but I’ll say it anyway.    Buy American.

Why are we afraid to say this?  Why are we whining about jobs but have to own a foreign car or life isn’t worth living?  How can a President create jobs if we only buy foreign products?  I really can’t understand this. I want to fly to Mars also.  I also would like to be Willie Mays.  I also wish a condition report was done by osmosis and they were consistent and accurate.  I also wish there were no fees and Post Sale Inspection was arbitration, not Post Sale Prevention.  All of these things we know can’t be accomplished.  

It’s Corporate America’s fault that they moved somewhere else to make a profit and now we buy things made somewhere else and want to make jobs here *^#!#&*?   They are in business to make money for their shareholders.  They’ll be back if it makes sense…and money.  This is Capitalism, not Karl Marx’s inevitable next stage of development beyond Imperialism.  Right?  

I love a good protest, in fact I’m up for a revolution, but ask those protestors what kind of car they drove to the event.  I was in New York last week and I asked them.  Damn sure wasn’t a Dodge.  Wasn’t a Chevy.  So please sit down, shut up, and meditate for one second.  Put your energy to good use.  If somebody wants to take responsibility and some action, do it against the cat in the mirror.

However,  we can say it and say it loud, then do it.   Buy American.  I have personally owned, bought and sold, more cars than any human being in the world.  I can tell you, and would love to tell the world, that American cars and trucks are as good and better, in most cases, than anything made anywhere. We prefer products made elsewhere and are confounded when the statistics announce the jobless rate.

How do we whine about jobs from the front seat of a foreign car, wearing clothes made somewhere else, eating food brought from somewhere else, using a computer made somewhere else, fighting a war somewhere else, using the money that we borrowed from somewhere else (cause we are flat out broke), watching the war (and the football game to occupy our time that may be used to create a plan to stop the madness) on a TV that was built somewhere else?

At the same time we want to stop humans that want to work, know how to work, and are willing to work from coming here.  They buy cars.  They buy houses in areas you wouldn’t live in and revitalize those places.  An idea can only become a reality with willing hands to make the idea a reality.  Look at who is at the auction.  Look who is working the hardest at the auction.  Think about what would happen if people with an accent were not allowed to participate at the auction.  Close the doors cause it’s over.  Twenty five years ago Al Bendary was the exception.  Today he is the rule.  The wholesale market is non-existent without people that were born somewhere else.  We need more, not less. Our current attitude is successfully changing the attitude of the world against us.    Pop that on CNN because it’s the truth.

The tighter you grab a handful of sand the less you will have when you open your hand up.  Fear and small minded greed are not the answer.  I say Buy American.    I say let everybody be an American that wants to get up early and go to bed late, use your brain, bust balls, and let the cards land where they may.  Let everybody be a part of this place.  I like our odds in that scenario.  Competition.  Let good ideas and hard work rise to the top.  Just ask the Romans.

That's why.