Market Conditions Commentary
Never before and not likely ever again, as time flies by
by Robert Hollenshead
Nov 27 2014 6:19PM

First, here we are in December, hard to believe.  I used to get so sick of “old” people saying how time flew.  Well, here I am a sixty something old head confirming what them old people said and time is flying.  But you know what them old people also said, right?  Time flies when you are having fun.  I ain’t lying, I’m still having a blast and I hope you are too. 

Next, there are loads of things we all have to give thanks for.  From my point of view one of them is being lucky enough to be in the wholesale business for 43 years. Even though you have to bust your butt to succeed in this arena there are no limits of any kind.  There is a direct relationship between how hard you work and the net result.  Nobody can put limits on what you can achieve.  We are a free as birds.  And thank God, which ever one you want to thank, we aren’t getting bombed by anyone from 40,000 feet while we are on the block selling our merch.  There’s plenty of food and nobody is knocking my front door down from a foreign country insulting my family and calling me a terrorist.  Thanks to all the various Gods that all the people we sell to believe in.    It is hard for me to understand but easy to be thankful, and I am. 

Last and  just as hard to believe is that we are going to sell 1,300 units this week.  I said week, not year… week.  We have three (3) lanes in the “Big House”.  The lanes are broken down and arranged in an order that makes any car buyer’s job so easy they will be thankful as well.  There is simply nothing missing.  I know I have said in the past that I feel like Noah of Noah’s arc fame where he had two of each, I have two of everything and as many as 150 of some.  With 400 domestics, 900 imports, every one is a never before at auction unit, trades, that can’t be found…anyplace else in America let alone 1,300 of them.

  I own every one of them.  Every one will be sold.  There will be no half stepping, ifing or butting.  We don’t “rep” anything, we own everything and we sell everything,  This will not be a “quit with sore hands” type of fight.  This is a knock down drag out nothing moving at the end type of thing, no prisoners.  First Cat that hears me say “no sale” gets $500 in cash.  It ain’t happening (but listen hard).  There are 800 registered today and by Tuesday there will be 1,300.  By Thursday God only knows.  Ferraris to Fiats there is nothing missing.

 Have a nice evening, sell your asses off on Black Friday and the weekend.  Then strap up your jock straps (tight) and get on line to look but get your butts to the 17545, Wall Street of wholesale, Manheim ,Pa.  Get in lanes 12 (our new domestic lane), 15, and 16.  If you never been here before you will not believe your eyeballs.  If you haven’t been here lately you need to get refreshed, have your reset button pushed.  I make a personal promise or I will pay your plane fair in, we got what you need or I pay. 

With 1,300 in one place at one time, never before and I fell absolutely safe in saying that unless we do it, it will never happen again. 

Sell very well and get your tickets tonight.