Market Conditions Commentary
250 for tomorrow at CFAA in Columbus, and if you buy a load, I'll pay your ticket to Manheim for Friday
by Robert Hollenshead
Apr 8 2014 5:52PM

Market is not nearly as hot as the past few weeks.  Mile challenged units are dropping and we will be right back where we were prior to the wild past four weeks.  However, good ones are good, will be good, and always will be good because there are never enough real cars.  A made up hot dog can be found anywhere and they reveal themselves like a counterfeit hundred.  But a real will never be denied.  You can’t hide a good one because a car hound will sniff them out.

It just so happens we have 250 real ones at for the AM.  Go to and enjoy yourself.  I am getting a very nice vibe about this little grouping. 

After tomorrow the quest for 1,000 is on.  I have 625 as of now for Friday with two day to hit the 1,000 mark.  It’s in the sights and it looks like we will get there.  As I told you before if you come out to our MADE sale at CFAA and buy a load, I will pay your ticket to get over to lanes 24 and 25 (I know, don’t remind me,  retarded lane placement) in  the 17545 for Friday.  Take a copy of your sale tickets and we will pay your airfare from Columbus to Manheim.  When you get the Manheim, wear diapers because you may not be able to hold yourself.  The merch is off the wall.  I’m holding off on the cow bell but I got to be honest…forget about it.  I was just here scratching my head thinking how in the world we did this.  How is it possible to reload in five days with another 1,000 cars.  It’s nuts and if you are getting paid to be a car buyer and you don’t take advantage of this, you are mentally challenged, end of the story.