Market Conditions Commentary
MADE did it again
by Robert Hollenshead
Mar 26 2014 4:10PM

MADE did it again, 98% SOLD.  Thank you to all participating dealers.  A barn burner that the auctioneer couldn’t stop to take a men’s room break, he said he didn’t want to miss the action.  That comes from a guy that sells all week long, didn’t want to take a wizz, too much fun.  See, I understand that.  I never take a wiz break, don’t want to miss nothing (you were wondering how I stay there 6 hours and not hit the head weren’t you.  Put $14,000,000 of your cash on the line, causes your bladder to freeze up, it’s simple.  When an auction breaks out  and a seller with massive balls is selling, there ain’t nothing like it.  Vegas is for sissies, The Great Karl Wallenda walking the Niagara Falls don’t compare.  The atmosphere is contagious.  Once we get a little blood in the air it’s game on.  God I love it. 

When you have your cash on the line pure selling in an auction is like freebasing heroin for the first time (I imagine).  And it just happened, nothing getting no-saled, for any reason.  With the exception of 9 units that the price was over $45,000, we sold out and I think we are about to blow them out as well in a few minutes. 

Now it’s on to the next arena.  We have 600 units in the 17545 for Friday.  And don’t forget at the next MADE sale at CFAA if you buy a load from us, I will pay your airfare back to Manheim for Friday.  As is perfectly clear as you watch any sale around the country this week the market is not as hot as it has been over the past few weeks.  It couldn’t stay at the frenzy it was and it is because guys that paid topo much and didn’t sell can’t repeat stupidity, and they won’t.  It is only logical and it is why you are seeing many units without a bid.  I guarantee you this will not be the case in our lanes.

Lane 24, and 25 are slam packed with more of what you bought today, trades, not reshuffled auction hogs.  These are cars that just don’t exist in the open market.  Please start early to do your homework and I promise you, you will not be wasting your time.   We sell straight through the good and bad.   Pay attention, you will be the winner.