Market Conditions Commentary
A nice little sale shaping up for MADE at Columbus Fair AA
by Robert Hollenshead
Mar 24 2014 9:34AM

MADE will facilitate a nice grouping of units to be absolutely sold at Columbus Fair Auto Auction in lanes 8 and seven this Wednesday.  There are 300 units that are there or en route that will have their Universal Condition Report/Pricing done and ready for proxy or live bid today and tomorrow.  MADE Remarketing requires the facilitating locations to charge a flat buyers fee that is the best for buyers in the nation.  That does not mean that the service provided is discounted in any way.  I means we recognize the cost of sourcing cars has blown up to a point it is untenable for dealers.  We also are proud of the irrefutable fact that the units offered in this sale are not available at any other location in North America when we look a volume, transparency, logical arrangement, conversion rate (which requires the seller to sell at a minimum of ninety percent (90%) to ensure participate is far more rewarding and in a class by itself in time efficiency.  Sellers must be sellers, have the balls to sell.  Buyers can stay riveted to be certain that the ones that fall short make their time more than worthwhile. 

There are no tricks, gimmicks, balloons, or games.  There is no “representing” other people’s units that guarantee a Turkish bazaar.  There are no reshuffled auction units, rental cars, or shop flunked adverse selection.  All conditions of the units including caution of Car Fax are disclosed to the best of our ability.  Any non-disclosed damage can be mitigated the day of the sale and we believe that based on our dedication to transparency buyers can feel confident to buy with no fear and use common sense fairness when making mitigation claims when receiving units from Simulcast purchases. 

Having bought more than a million cars (without OPM money) and sold the vast majority under the hammer at auction over the past decades, the MADE process that we are using today addresses the pain points we all have been subjected to.  Using logic, logistics, technology and common sense  we provide any buyer a cost effective, market driven process that has no second meaning outside of what transparency creates in the remarketing arena. 

First, we want your face in the place.  Second, if you are unable to come get your rear end in front of the screen and co-validate the claim that what we are offering is unique to the market.  Place proxies with no fear.  MADE is fair (no pun intended to Columbus “Fair” reference even if it is a fair a place as can be found as most of you know), fast, fun, and no fugazie.  It is guaranteed. 

 I personally guarantee it.