Market Conditions Commentary
You will be getting an email today from Survey Monkey, don't delete it, take a few seconds to fill it out. But first tell me what else is important to you related to a CR
by Robert Hollenshead
Dec 11 2013 8:14AM

Is the purpose of a Condition report to be your eyes when the unit is in a location where you can’t actually see it?

Is it helpful or confusing when  a CR number designates a unit to be  “rough”  or “below average” and yet it sells for thousands over average or even the highest in the nation based on Market Reports?

If that occurs on a regular basis does the numeric system confuse the validity of the condition report and your buying decisions?

Can a unit be designated as “rough” and sell for extra clean money on a regular basis even though the CR designation has eliminated the on line buyers due to the designation?

If you are on line and watch this happen does it make you trust the CR more or less?

If that happens on a regular basis would you assume the seller has generally rough cars even though they all sell above market value which would imply they are not rough but well above units offered in the “in play” market?

Is the number useful if it eliminates your interest in a unit even though you would buy it if you could see it?

Does showing a floor price and market ready price that considers VIN specific characteristics such as dings, dents, color, equipment, lack of equipment, etc. help with  proxy and live bidding?

Do you like the having ability to refer to the CR  after the purchase to compare what it said and what it is?

Is it useful to have the CR to refer to in relation to validating transport damage?

Does having live Spotters in conjunction with a CR help you to bid with confidence when not attending the sale?

Are better pictures helpful?

Are better pictures of tires more helpful than a gauge number?

Is an accurate VIN decoder helpful so the correct unit is listed so you don’t lose a unit based on inaccurate descriptions?

Does a foul odor in a vehicle make it worth less?

Does having a solution to resolving the odor of a unit help (Air Clenz)?

Does a CR  based on a number which can vary but 2-3 points depending on the individual writing it help you or make it more difficult when deciding what you are willing to bid?

If the numeric system makes it less transparent do you  believe you miss many units you would otherwise bid on?

7 Readers' Comments

Jason Nash
NY 13901
6 years ago
Manheim via Majority Opinion Research just sent a CR survey out today. Seems like you are advancing the discussion when it comes to a quality buying process.

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
6 years ago
What a coincidence. But the better the tool the better off we all are as it is definitely where the world is going.

Jermaine Dublin
NY 12601
6 years ago
What I've ran into a lot is the CR's are done pre recon in a lot instances which left me as a online buyer thinking the vehicle was rough when in deed improvements were made to the vehicles overall condition. Which gave in lane buyers or those who had eyes at the auction an advantage.

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
6 years ago
That happens often because of the speed we are moving. The decision we have to make skip the CR and do the recon or have the CRs done and then do the recon so at least we have one done. We work through the night getting cars ready so very frequently we are de-dinging, painting bumpers, and wheels after the CR prior to the morning's sale. That's my fault not the CR. But try using the Spotters and you have eyes on the unit just before it hits the block.

Pat Tedesco
Mount Joy
PA 17552
6 years ago
Bob, the timing of your most recent commentary was perfect, I just finished completing the survey and the following were my comments.

I believe the following sums up my point of view.
I believe Manheim intentionally prepares CR’s differently for selected sellers.
I have had the misfortune of buying a grade # 5 car and having to arbitrate it to the level of a 4 digit $ adjustment.

CR’s (not SD’s) are not consistent from auction to auction. Not all Manheim Auctions prepare them or view them the same in the arbitration process. SD’s from the “Good Reputable” sellers are usually valuable, however most SD are intentionally deceptive.

Robert Hollenshead
PA 17545
6 years ago
Pat, I grew up with kids named Tedesco, is any of your family from the Philadelphia area? On the CR, I don't think they do it intentionally I do believe it is not possible to grade with any consistency when human beings are called on to see all things equally, a physical impossibility and therefore it undermines the premise of an "objective' product. That is why we are dedicated to absolute transparency with a twist, it's called skin in the game. If the maker of the CR is not honest or willing to stand behind what he calls a car for and the pictures don't show something, UCR steps in to mitigate. It all goes back to us writing on the windows 40 years ago up to today, what we say is what we stand behind, if we are a liar you don't have to be a buyer. Rather simple but extraordinary effective.

Robert Taylor
PA 19053
6 years ago
Just thought that you would get a chuckle out of this link from MAA ;