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Thanks to all that came in to the 17545 and joined on simulcast
by Robert Hollenshead
Jul 11 2013 4:15PM

I have to thank all of you guys that came in and joined us on simulcast.  There were 540 dealers that joined on line and hundreds over the course of the day in the lanes.  Thank every one of you for showing me the respect of participation.  We sold $10,000,000 in total rev for the day.  I have to admit I was worried you guys didn’t know about the sale and we wouldn’t have the critical mass to create the energy that an auction needs.  The concern proved to be a brainfart and you came and we sold.

As you all could see, we were able to do what we always do, sell them all.  There were a handful of cars that didn’t get out of recon and a few we had to keep for tomorrow, but we actually sold more cars today than the entire sale last Tuesday.  We sold 97% at a tick under what we normally sell as far as average MMR retention.  With almost no notification and near zero promotion, you bought and we sold.  It never happened before but we have proven that we can do it because we have the merch and our dealers trust us.

 It is a very gratifying feeling to have proven the idea.  I am humbled by the reality and I want to personally thank you all for being our partner.

I love you all, big , small, new, old.


Robert Hollenshead

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Tyler Rombough
North syracuse
NY 13212
7 years ago
I was happy to be a part of it...I learned a lot. Thank you.